ABeam LightStream Analytics is an APAC services company focused on advanced analytics, data management, and enterprise performance management. We have our headquarters in Singapore, which is well established as a high quality, transparent, international business environment. With a subsidiary in Jakarta, Indonesia, we provide coverage for advisory, delivery, and support in technology solutions.

Our goal is to help clients find opportunities in their data. We help clients by building systems which consolidate their fragmented data, provide insightful analytics, and intuitive visualizations. To drive deeper analysis, we enrich client data with cognitive services such as sentiment analysis and facial recognition. We can automate real-time decisions with machine learning and predictive analytics. We help businesses capitalize on their data.

ABeam LightStream Analytics has partnered with leading software principles to cover all layers of the analytic stack from storage to visualization. This gives us the tools to help clients measure their business performance, make real-time decisions, and ultimately drive enterprise value growth.

ABeam LightStream Analytics was acquired by ABeam Consulting in 2018 and is now part of the global ABeam services group.

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