Advanced Analytics


Discover with Analytics

Advanced Analytics gives businesses deep competitive insight. We use machine learning, statistical analysis, predictive algorithms, R libraries, and visualization tools to help clients see patterns and trends inside and outside their organizations. Use data quantify and drive your decisions.


Capitalize on Data

Data is this century’s new gold. Your organization has volumes of data however it is typically in silos. It is in different systems and cannot be readily consolidated for a synergistic view. Our core business is data and use the latest tools and technologies for data management. We cover data aggregation, transformations, governance, master data management, and storage in both traditional databases and new generation big data platforms. Our data engineers can bring your data, plus relevant external data, together to give your business teams deep insight. Let us help you bring it all together.

performance management

Optimize the Reporting Cycle

Executives need to manage their finances across the enterprise and react quickly to changes.  ABeam LightStream’s performance management team can help the CFO office with a flexible framework for Planning & Forecasting, Financial Consolidation, Strategic Planning, and Financial Reproting. We help you shorten your financial reporting timeline and let staff focus on analysis rather than spreadsheet budgeting and consolidation.