Capitalize on Data

Data is this century’s new gold. Your organization has volumes of data however it is typically in silos. It is in different systems and cannot be readily consolidated for a synergistic view. Our core business is data and use the latest tools and technologies for data management. We cover data aggregation, transformations, governance, master data management, and storage in both traditional databases and new generation big data platforms. Our data engineers can bring your data, plus relevant external data, together to give your business teams deep insight. Let us help you bring it all together.

Top Challenges

Data Ingestion

ABeam LightStream brings data from a variety of sources systems together into a common database, which can either be a relational data warehouse, big data Hadoop, or other forms of data storage.  We use our own LSA ETL framework to accelerate development by leveraging pre-built code and jobs for common data movement tasks.  This can include importing data, exception & error handling, and reconciliation.

Data Transformation

Data Transformation is the core of any analytics project. Data is typically siloed in different source systems and with different terminology and cannot be readily used by the businesses without considerable manual work.  The data must be cleaned, mapped, and aligned to the business dimensions before it can be efficiently used by the end users.  ABeam LightStream’s core business is data and our consultants deeply understand the challenges in data transformation activities. We leverage our framework library to accelerate development, identify data quality issues, and ultimately deliver usable data for analysis.

Master Data Management

ABeam LightStream helps clients create the processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that consistently define and manage the critical data of an organization to provide a single point of reference across the enterprise. As the size and scale of data in enterprises increases incrementally, and the siloed application systems expand, master data management becomes more and more critical to ensure data is efficiently moving through the organization between applications and in strategic business decisions.

Data Security

Data security has increasingly become a major concern across all organizations. Leaking of customer data or other confidential data to hackers and third parties expose organizations to considerable risk both legally and to their reputation. ABeam LightStream utilizes with leading tools to securely encrypt and protect your data at rest and in movement, regardless if it is on premise or in the cloud.