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Advanced Analytics

Find patterns and trends in your data with predictive and machine learning. Visualize, analyze, and make data based decisions for your business.



Top Challenges

Data Management

Capitalize on Data Data is this century’s new gold. Your organization has volumes of data however it is typically in silos. It is in different systems and cannot be readily consolidated for a synergistic view. Our core business is data and use the latest tools and techologies for data management. We cover data aggregation, transformations, governance, master data management, and storage in both traditional databases and new generation big data platforms. Our data engineers can bring your data, plus relevant external data, together to give your business teams deep insight. Let us help you bring it all together.


Data Ingestion

You are what you eat, your information are limited to the data you have. Data can be sourced Internally and externally, their form can be structured or unstructured. Ingesting data need to be properly planned given consideration to the storage type, size, import frequency and usage requirement.
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Data Transformation

Things can be much simpler if data come from a single source, however, this scenario is almost non existence. Large organization relies on many multiple different systems to function, the data that was ingested from these system may not be consistent and they need to g through a cleanse, blend & enrich process before they can be turned into meaningful information.

master data

 Managing Master Data

In business, master data management (MDM) comprises the processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that consistently define and manage the critical data of an organization to provide a single point of reference. They can be your customer records, product records, organization structure, accounts and any records that are specific to your business.

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 Data Security

Decades ago, cyber attacks were carried out in the form of mild viruses and spam malware. In recent years they have evolved into a threat that can cause serious financial and reputational consequences. Organization need to begin thinking cybersecurity less as a purely IT-managed risk and far more as a strategic business issue, invest in appropriate security initiatives in order to reap the benefits of innovative technologies, like Cloud and Internet of Things (IOT) devices, as they emerge.

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Enterprise Performance Management


Organizations are at risk of losing their competitiveness and may even run into liquidity issues if they do not have a proper EPMframework in place. It is common for different functions within the organization running in silos. Management has little visibility on their operation plan and everyone has their own dashboards with no single version of truth. Many organizations are still running on freestyle mode, their main goal is to grow their revenue as much possible. It may seem logical to a non-finance person, for those that have knowledge about balance sheet and cashflow statement, running a company is more than just revenue.

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